Bülent Özgören

About Bülent Özgören

Photography has always been the passion of my life ever since my teens. My photographs are best defined as an attempt to align the formal aesthetic of nature with the correct light and to create a sense of calm and serenity. 

Moments where the harmony of light coincides with the spirit are rare. And it is these moments that I strive to capture in my photography. 

My sole aim when taking photographs is to maximise their visual and descriptive quality; in other words, to achieve photographic perfection. What I hope is that my photographs recreate these magic moments for the viewer, allowing a glimpse and appreciation of the extraordinary in what appears to be completely ordinary. 

My primary concern in the creation of every photograph is to obtain the highest-quality, most complete result. Whether during the actual taking or at the printing stage, I channel first my passion then my meticulous attention to detail into each photograph. 
My aim each time is to produce a photograph of archival standard as much through the elements that make it a whole as through subsequent technical processes and procedures.

I have been fastidious in my choice of photographs for this website. My objective was to make a selection that most articulately expressed my approach to the photographic process, the wish to communicate images in my mind and imagination and to share moments. And I sense that I have probably succeeded in this. I hope very much that you will enjoy my photographs…

Bulent Ozgoren

In 1975, after amateur activities, Bulent Ozgoren began four years of study with Edward Ghannam of the Photography Department at the University of Miami. His main interest at that time, was in the Ansel Adam’s The Zone System and silver contact print. His prints have taken part in over than 20 solo and many group exhibitions in Turkey and overseas. His work have appeared in magazines, newspapers and television programs. Since 1981 he has conducted many workshops in The Zone System included those at Mimar Sinan, Yildiz, Cukurova, Anadolu, Uludag and Marmara Universities and associations such as Ifsak, Afsad and Afad. He continues to teach at associations and universities, give private coaching and lead seminars and workshops. His work has been featured in numerous touring exhibitions and and in the Collections of Istanbul Modern Art Museum, Istanbul Center of Photography, companies and private collectors. He has founded the photography groups FOG and Sali Grubu (Tuesday Group). He lives in Istanbul with his wife, Beyza, and two daughters, Senem and Gizem