Burak Doğansoysal

Nature 17

  • 30x45cm 600 TL

    Edition of 35, Lambda C-Print, Artist Signed

  • 40x60cm 1375 TL

    Edition of 30, Lambda C-Print, Artist Signed

  • 50x75cm 1925 TL

    Edition of 25, Lambda C-Print, Artist Signed

  • 70x100cm 2550 TL

    Edition of 20, Lambda Glossy C-Print, Artist Signed

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About Burak Doğansoysal

Burak Dogansoysal
Photographer and Director

Born in 1978 in Bursa, Turkey. Graduated from Istanbul American Robert College in 1996
and Marmara University in 2000 with a degree in business.
Takes photos since 1995, professional photographer since 2005. Photos and travel articles
have been published on BBC Wildlife Magazine, National Geographic, Skylife Magazine,
Bugday Ecological Living Magazine, Photography Monthly, Science & Technology, RC
Quarterly, TRT Vision. Staff photographer for Magma Magazine.
Been to 64 countries across 5 continents on various assignments. Making wildlife
documentary films since 2009 for Turkish national TV and various international networks
via worldwide distributors.
Managed a UN supported vulture conservation project from 2011 until 2015, operating a
safe feeding station for vultures and other wildlife, managing a filming hide and running
educational environmental awareness workshops.
Hobbies include snowboarding, MMA, Muay Thai, guitar, off-roading, scuba diving,
amateur radio and camping.
Member of:
IDA (International Documentary Association), IAWF (International Association of Wildlife
Filmmakers), GTC (Guild of Television Camera Professionals), TFMD (Turkish Press
Photographers Association), Robert College Alumni Association, Ornitofoto Bird &
Wildlife Photographers Association, Nature Conservation Association, Bugday Ecological
Life Style Association, Nature Research Association of Turkey, IL-FIAP (International
Photography Association)
Fluent in English, good command of German.