Özer Kanburoğlu

About Özer Kanburoğlu


He was born in İstanbul in 1964. He graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty

of Fine Arts, Department of Stage and Visual Arts in 1994. He received his master's

degree in photography from Marmara University, Institute of Fine Arts, and

Department of Photography in 1998. And he completed his Ph.D. research on

Journalism at İstanbul University, Institute of Social Science in 2002. He has worked

at different magazines as a editor and assistant editor. He exhibited his exhibitions

which are named “İzlenimler” (The Impressions), “Detaylar” (The Details), “Sepetçiler”

(The Basket Makers) and “Mimariler” (The Architectures) at various activities. He has

won approximately 140 awards at national and international photo contests. His

articles, which are more than seventy, have been published in several magazines. He

attended lots of national and international conferences and his articles, which are

more than twenty, was accepted to national and international symposiums. He did

presentations more than thirty. His photos were exhibited over fourty countries. He

was honered with AFIAP (Artist of FIAP) due to his achievement of international

contest from FIAP (Fedaration of International Art Photography) in 2001. He was

chosen as a “Photographer of Millenium” at “Photographers of the End of Millenium”

project which was supported from Photography Confederation of Spain in 2003. He

became an “Assistant Professor” in 2002, an “Associate Professor” in 2004 and

“Professor” in 2009. He published 17 books on photography. KANBUROĞLU who

has also working as a Director and Director of Photography at documentary movies,

is currently working at the İstanbul Aydın University, Faculty of Communication, and

Department of Visual Communication Design as a “Head of Department”.

web: www.ozerkanburoglu.com