Muammer Yanmaz

About Muammer Yanmaz

Muammer Yanmaz was born in Istanbul in 1969. He started taking photographs after finishing Saint Michel High School. He has been taking advertising photographs, and has realized many photographic projects including “40” series (40 Stations, 40 Lives, and 40 Actress). Yanmaz has also given photography classes at his workshop in Istanbul.
2001, 40 Directors, Beyoğlu Cinema Lobby, Istanbul Film Festival
2002, 40 Station, Paris Istanbul French Culture Center
2003, Women Director, Ankara Kızılırmak Cinema
2005, 40 Station New York, The Gallery at The Marmara Manhattan
2005, 40 Station Paris, Stuttgart French Culture Center
2005, 40 Station New York, The Marmara New York Gallery
2005, 40 Station New York, Beyoğlu Mavi Jeans Gallery
2006, Actress, Beyoğlu Art Gallery, Istanbul
2006, 40 Ayna, Karşı Art gallery, Istanbul
2008, 40 Station London, London Space Gallery 
2009, 40 Hayat, Nişantaşı City’s, Istanbul
2009, 40 Station London, Istanbul Gallery Artane