About DiArtPrints

Philosophy and Objective

Art is beautiful when shared.  In gallery market works are being sold with limited editions. Producing limited editions and so the contents of these works and the position of the artist’s finding its asset in the market is what DiArtPrints also desires. Additionally, producing high volume limited editions of a work and sharing it with more people which is a world trend and also whichs is in the nature of photography itself is the goal of DiArtPrints DIFO Lab in Turkey with its founders A. Halim Kulaksız and Coşar Kulaksız thanks to their sensitivity and reliability in photography market, academic and art world. We created an art portal full off art works which you will want to hang on your walls and at where you will be able to communicate with the artists. Our philosophy and goal is to help getting the art of photograhy to its position it deserves.

The Meaning of the High Volume Limited Editions

The “edition“ is the paper showing and guaranteeing a photography work’s production number. This is a description which cannot be changed after being declared by a gallery or anyone rendering in the market. For example, a “limited edition” declared work will be produced three times in the declared size.This production number will be identified between the artidt and the gallery and ofcourse the less produced works will be more expensive.

Each work sold in the DiArtPrints shall be produced minimum 100 times for collection purpose. As producing high volume of limited editions, the works are sold at more reasonable prices. 


All the works sold in DiArtPrints have the originality certificate from the artist and DiArtPrints. In this certificate, the total number of the bought work, the number of the edition you have and some important information will be written on. If the work is sold as a presentation, then it will have the signature sealed behind the work.

DiArtPrints Printing Quality

DiArtPrints is a brandmark of DIFO Lab. With its 45 years of experience DIFO Lab, founded in 2004, is the most important photography lab producing world standard works. It is a firm which can support all kinds of upper quality printing ang presentation solutions including C-Print, Fine Art Prints and DIASEC. The prints produced for DiArtPrints will be produced in world museum standards with acid-free materials.