Turgut Tarhan

Nature 27

  • 40x90cm 9000 TL

    Edition of 25, Lambda C-Print, Artist Signed

  • 70x150cm 33000 TL

    Edition of 15, Lambda C-Print, Artist Signed

(Including tax)

About Turgut Tarhan

Turgut Tarhan was born in Ankara in 1968. He has been taking photographs since the age of 16. After finishing his study at Middle Eastern Technical University and Hacettepe University, he worked in the tourism sector. In 2000 Tarhan began working at Atlas Magazine. He took a license of paragliding in 1994 and then started taking photographs from sky. He is a member of FSK (Fotoğraf Sanatı Kurumu) and received two national and three international prizes. He has had three solo exhibitions, including “Gustav Mahler” (2008) and “Görmediklerimiz” (2014). His photographs have been used in many publications such as “Türkiye-Yaşadığımız Cennet” (Istanbul: NTV, 2007). His photographs were broadcasted in TRT TV program “İki Göl” as well. He tries to combine emotion with technique in effort to maintain precise balance between art and reality in his photographs.